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didn't tarboy found his body yet?

for more information....

...ASK GOD!! lol, great!

good idea... it would be great, you put subtitles ^_^

x-ray death animal!!

FTW!! rofl... you just couldnt find any animal with "x" huh?

hilarus xD lol

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5 years ago, more or less, I was home alone. I see this game on the frontpage, and I give it a shot... after all... I LOVE RPGs, i love pixel art, and I love survival games as well :D start playing it, and I really get into the story. Anyway, things begin to be scary, when I go to sleep, I see horrible things (is that gore?).

My friend gets home, I tell him "man, you GOTTA try this game! is pretty scary", so he starts playing it... nothing weird happen... nothing scary happen... it is the 3rd day and someone knocks the door while he sleeps, I am scared like hell! he wakes up and goes to open the door, as I tell him "don´t go man!! stay inside!!!". He doesn´t listen to me, he goes to the door, and finds a hooded man who asks him several questions... he answers those questions very sincerely. He starts running into the hooded man very often on the woods, and on the nights. He is tired, so he stops playing, but turns to me and say: "it's a pretty interesting game... i don't find it scary at all, tho".

He goes to sleep, and I play the game again... this time, I have no nightmares anymore. I am scared like hell, so I never play again.

5 years later, I find it, my friend is on a trip, so he won't come home tonight and I am alone. It is midnight "boy! I was a pussy for being scared for this!"... but suddenly, something wakes me up on the night... I go out to look for it but there is nothing... anyway, suddenly, someone laughes, and I find myself in a colorful place, full of light.

Ctrl+W. Alt+F4, enter, Alt+F4, enter. Go to bed. Hide inside the sheets. I am shivering.

pretty awesome game! i love it. Every time I play it, it gets different, you are a genius Placeable!

I don't know if this behaviour is intended but... on lvl 8, i can interrupt the redirection of the right arrow, if i stop pushing it right after the commutator has been activated, and right before the command is executed... so i can go left twice without having to turn around xD

i didnt write to your mail because my main language is not the english (so, there wouldnt be guarantees on not making grammar errors ^^') but... i write to you here: IT IS A GREAT GAME AND I LOVE IT.

I have knowlings in formal logic, and still it was kinda hard to solve. Congratulations (also the music is apropiate i like it) The story was quite cool too

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cute X3

i like your style... it gives the appareance of old... old art, its cool how you get it on flash, im impressed <3 <3

but i can see the right eye of the girl is so much little... anyway, the concept is cool XD keep going!


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